Lifeway Church Celina

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701 E Pecan Street
Celina, TX  75009

Sundays at
8:30, 9:45 & 11:00AM

More Than A Building

Will You Help Lifeway Church Lead The Change?

We have a God-sized goal for the future of Lifeway Church Celina, but we need your help to see it come to fruition.

This is about way more than a building. We are striving for the realization of a beautiful vision for the future of our ministry and Celina at large. By partnering with us, you can join in on what God does over the next decade and beyond through Lifeway Church. The constraints of our current space will not allow our church to grow and produce the kind of fruit that we believe it is capable of. By investing in Lifeway Church’s mission, you will impact the kingdom of God in extraordinary ways — in Celina and beyond.

"The Lord has given Lifeway Celina an incredible platform to tell His story. We have been in Celina sharing Christ and serving this community for 15 years, and now, it is finally time for us to build our permanent home.

We have a clear and compelling vision for achieving that mission and being good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, but our current space will not allow us to realize it. We have done everything by God’s enabling power to maximize the space that we have been blessed with the last 10 years, but even in this effort, we have not been able to address our worship center, children’s classroom and youth ministry capacity issues, and we even lack storage space for the resources God has blessed us with. This feeling of being cramped has hindered our ability to spread out and grow. It has limited our ability to partner with other ministries to reach children and students, and our current location has left us competing with other local businesses for parking and resources. As a result, it has prevented people from making the decision to make Lifeway their church home, or kept some from wanting to walk through our doors.

Now is the time to build a space that is intentionally designed for the kind of welcoming, hospitable church we want to be."

Josh Price, Lead Pastor
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